On the way to a better me

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weigh in yesterday

Was a tad disappointing. I gained 100 grams. I didn't want to gain so early, my hope was to lose, lose, lose. Hopefully I can get a better result next week. I am back into exercise, I have a busy week this week but I am going to join a gym. I was going to leave it until next year when I will be able to go every day if I want but I think subconsciously that was an excuse to still be lazy. I need to cane myself I think if I truly want to get the results I am after, and I do, I truly do. I need to work A LOT harder than I have been, and I intend to. I WILL get to my 1st large goal which is to get to 100kg's or even just under that by Christmas. Keep everything crossed for me :)


  1. Hello there! You're doing well!

    I just wanted to share that it took me about 8 weeks before I truly understood how the WW Program works!

    I also realised about then that this is FOR LIFE! It's not a diet that we go off once we're at goal but what we'll need to do for the rest of our life to stay at goal!

    Once you start wearing smaller clothes and feeling much better, you'll be encouraged to keep at it - track, track, tracking EVERYTHING you eat and drink really is the key to this weight-loss thing!

    I truly believe that reading and contributing to the message boards and these blogs has kept me focused this time!

    All the information, motivation, inspiration and support we all need can be found here - online!

    All the very best! Gae oxoxo

  2. Thanks Gae :)

    I'm definitely in this for the long haul and I absolutely track everything. I like to work out my days in advance. I love seeing how much I can actually eat and the points I often have left over.

    I NEED to do this, I need to do this for me and for my kids. They are my world and I need to be here for them and play with them.

    I've seen you on WW, you're a wise woman. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :D