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Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 7 Sunday

Did well yesterday. This is getting confusing so I should try and post the same day instead of the day after, lol. Still sick though, can't wait for it to be gone so I can get into the exercise. Still not getting hunrgy even with points left over so I think I'm doing good. Must check more closely my portion sizes, am worried I'm over eating without realising. I guess again once I get into the swing of things I will get to know stuff and it will make it easier. But I think I'm doing well. I'm trying and that's the main thing.

I weighed in this morning, 400gm loss, which honestly disappointed me a little, I do have the little thing that is embarrassing to talk about and I'm sure any men reading would appreciate I not mention, but this can add on extra weight during this time, so I'm looking forward to next Monday's weigh in more than I was this one. And hopefully I will be 100% better this week and I can get stuck into exercise.

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