On the way to a better me

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Such a bad blogger

*Slinks back in*, well hello, hello??? Is anyone still out there reading? I know, I know, I am a terrible blogger. If you're still interested to read I am still plodding along, I've been naughty and not weighed in the last couple or weeks, again, I know, I know. But I HAVE been exercising, but this has been on and off, yes ok, shut up I KNOW! But you know bad stuff happens and it makes you feel like crap and you don't feel like doing anything like that.

But I always set out with the best intentions and I keep trying and that's the main thing right? RIGHT???? So anyway, when I kicked off my exercising again I had an epiphany on the treadmill, which may not be the right place to have a epiphany because you kind of have to be on the ball when you're on the treadmill, but I'm a rebel and I had one anyway. So my epiphany was: I am in charge of me, no one is running my show and I should do what I feel like. No one is making me exercise, I am my own (terrible) personal trainer. I don't have to set anything in stone, I don't have to have a set regime, I need to do what suits me on the day with the free time that I have. GENIUS! This made me feel so much better about exercising.

So now that I have figured that out, now I have to figure out how to get myself to drink all the water I should be drinking every day. Why is drinking water so hard?? It shouldn't be right? I'm terrible at keeping hydrated and I need to get better with that, maybe I should go to the pool in the hopes I'll have en epiphany about it if I'm submerged in water?, seeing as I had my exercise epiphany on the treadmill.

Have been thinking I should maybe set a goal weight goal again? I'm not sure. Maybe by my birthday next year? This is ample time really? Might help me pull my finger out? I wish someone would offer me a million dollars or something to sweeten the deal a little bit, anyone got a million dollars?

Anyway, I haven't given up hope, I'm still plodding along :D and I always have my before picture to keep me motivated ;)