On the way to a better me

Monday, February 28, 2011

A first

Weigh in today, I had my first stay the same (STS). Slightly disappointed but I'd take that over a gain any day. I plan to work harder this week, the last few weeks I've not been as strict and dedicated as I could have been, so that's my bad.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Summer is on the way out

Well summer is almost over and hopefully we are to the end of the really hot humid weather. Whilst I have enjoyed the warmer weather for a change it will be nice to have cooler non humid weather. With the cooler weather will have to come new clothes, I virtually have nothing that I can wear in cooler weather. The things that I am wearing now are too big, even the summer things are too big but I'm hoping they will hold out until the end of the season. So I think I will be looking at size 14 tops and 16 bottoms, maybe? This excites me, I haven't been this size in goodness knows how long, this is so awesome, feels great.

I had a check up at my dr's recently and I totally forgot to update you on this. For 1, she is VERY happy with my weight loss, I haven't seen her recently and she barely recognised me. Also I had blood tests and I am pretty healthy, no cancer, iron was a little low, low on b12 and vitamin d, but the no cancer thing was the best, getting cancer is a huge fear of mine. But 2, the BEST thing is that I am able, after almost 6 years, to come off my blood pressure medicine. It was even lower at my second appointment :D :D This has me SO happy as I was worried that I would have to be on them forever, so yay.

Tomorrow is weigh in, I'm hoping for a loss but as usual I will expect a gain so that there's no surprises, well no bad ones anyway. Wish me luck :D

Monday, February 21, 2011

Too long again

Hi All

Sorry for the long time between drinks. Phew, have been ridiculously busy of late. After we got back from our Christmas trip we were in the throes of finding a new house to live in and of course we then had to move, why does anyone move house? Moving house is terrible. Anyway, we found a lovely new place that is only minutes walking distance to my son's school, which is another thing that happened. That's right I am now the mumma of a school boy, yikes, how did that happen?? I was also my husband's, my mum's and my twins girls birthday's, so you can see why I've been MIA.

Weightloss has been up and down, mostly down. Apart from last week when I had a MASSIVE gain, like 2.8kg's massive. To say I was unhappy and disappointed would be an understatement. It was that special time in the month for me and 2 birthday's didn't help, but I'm happy to report that after yesterday's birthday I lost 1.3kg's (although this might bite me in the bum next week, but I'm trying not to let it). So I'm sitting at 98.7 right now, bummer because I was down to 97.2 which was awesome, but I will get there again hopefully next week.

So speaking of birthdays, it's hard isn't it? You don't want to be the odd one out, but you REALLY need to be, or show a little more self control. Yes I enjoyed the time with my family and enjoyed not really worrying about food, but I really should have been, there were foods I could eat, I made sure of that, but I indulged a little too much me thinks. What's wrong with feeling a little left out? There's nothing wrong with it, not when it comes to food and your weight, it's more important than that. The next birthday that we have to celebrate that we can actually attend is mine, hopefully I can still enjoy myself but not OVERindulge.