On the way to a better me

Monday, July 29, 2013


Hello lovely readers, long time between posts I know, I really am terrible at this aren't I? Yes, I know, shut up. Anyway I am here now and I am here to talk about selfies. A lovely friend of mine Mrs Woog, wrote a blog post because she had posted a picture of herself which apparently cause someone to send her an email calling her "narcissistic" and saying "love yourself much", in which her response should've been "why yes I do because I rock" but anyway this lead me to think about selfies. Now I am a selfie whore, I love a good selfie and if you follow me on twitter or are my friend on Facebook you would be well aware of this. Someone asked me once why I took lots of photos of myself and my response was simple "I spent all up 20 years hating myself and avoiding having photos taken, now I'm happy with how I look I'm making up for lost time". I think this is fair, I mean I felt so terrible about myself there aren't many photos of myself with my children when they were babies and this is really sad when you think about it.

I will never understand people bringing others down, especially when they don't deserve it. All Mrs Woog did was post a picture of herself, it was offensive, it wasn't mean, it was a SELF picture, yet this person felt the need to bring her down. Well I say, post your selfies and be proud. If you love the way you look and you want others to see you then why not? The internet is a big place for everyone, if you're happy to share your photos then share your photos. Once upon a time I would never, ever have let anyone see my picture, I would never have taken my own picture, but now I'm a very proud photo taker and poser.

So, I emplore you, post your selfies and post them proudly. I want to see your selfies, whether it's because you think you look hot, you want to be silly, you want to practice your duck face, you want to embrace all the tired parents out there and show them you are not alone, post them, post them all, post them on twitter with the #selfiewhore and if you wish tag me in the post @becpobjie I want to see you in your selfie glory, you don't have to follow me, just show me your selfie, if you do follow me, pardon the swears ;)

Be proud of your selfies, here are some of mine: