On the way to a better me

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Measurements and some work to do.

So I did my measurements today, some great results but some show that I've got some work to do I think. I've lost 20cms off both my waist and my hips, 19.5cms off my bust, 3cms off my arms, 5cms off my thighs and in total I have lost 6 dress sizes. But my arms and my legs are saying I've got some work to do. So it looks like I'll be gunning it on the treadmill and doing lots of weights and Wii Fit work outs :D But I say bring it on!

Friday, June 17, 2011


OMG I just CANNOT believe it. This last week I lost 2.5kgs. 2.5!!! How did that happen you ask? Well I have simply no idea. I didn't drink as much water as I should have, and I had some naughty salted caramel slice at a friend's house the day before I weighed in. So I am completely stunned, thrilled of course, but stunned. So this takes me to a total loss of 33kgs in 12 months 2 weeks, that's like my twins girls gone in weight *shocked face*. However if you've been following my blog you'll remember that after my son I actually weighed 150kgs, so since then I have actually lost 58kgs. My goodness 58kgs is like a whole person, I'm sure one of my dear friends weighs about that much, that's good but also terrible. I will never, NEVER go back to that again.

Weighing in on Friday seems to have been a very good decision, I'm glad about that. And soup is going to be my staple lunch meal this winter. I make a big pot of pumpkin (I sometimes add in other veg too) and have it with a toasted sandwich or a roll, very filling and very delicious. I also bought some microwave ones so I can vary things a bit so I don't get bored.

In other news I went shopping and got some new clothes (haven't worn them all yet) and we bought the treadmill, should be here next week :D :D woooooooooooot. So lots of excitement. I must also do my measurements, it's been a while, would be interesting to see what the differences are now.

Ok photo time: (and yes the last one is a picture of my butt, because I wanted to show the bling :D)

Friday, June 10, 2011


Well it seems changing my weigh in day to Friday was a good idea (so far anyway) I lost 1.1kgs which takes me back to having lost 30kgs (30.5kgs to be exact) and having my naughty day be on Friday or Saturday. I'm glad I finally worked it out, took me a while huh? Oh and I forgot my 1 year anniversary. I have now been doing WW for a year hooray! Here's to another year and hopefully the reaching of my goal :D That seems like a long time, but slow and steady wins the race, I think it's realistic and definitely achievable.

Also, we are getting a treadmill!! Wooooooooooot. Have found a good looking new one on ebay, so will be getting that soon. Can't wait! I think I'm going to start by doing the C25K and work my way up. So excited, I still have to urge to run, I hope it stays. I want to use the treadmill together with my Wii Fit (yes I will be using it not just for weigh ins) so I can be a lean, mean, non fighting machine.

My husband gave me a Target gift card a couple of weeks ago so on Sunday I will be shopping and hopfully buying myself some new clothes :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ooooh it's been a while....

Same old story too, busy, busy, busy. We had a big party on Saturday to celebrate my husband's second book so I've been busy preparing for that. Of course I didn't eat well, but I'll work hard the rest of the week. I decided to change my weigh in day to Fridays, last Friday I lost 400g, so still not back to 30kgs lost, but getting there :D Friday weight ins made more sense seeing as my husband no longer works weekends and that's the time where we are more likely to eat out or get take away. With having the party on Saturday I still need to learn to plan these types of things better, I should have had healthier options for myself which would have made things perfect, but I'm getting there with things slowly, hard to think of everything all at once.
Anyway, have some new photos :D
The last photos is my current favourite picture of myself, it's taken a LONG time for me to like a photo of myself :D It's actually a nice feeling, sorry to everyone that has to put up with me posting pictures of myself all about the place, lol.
Right, that's this post done, lets see how I go this next week :D