On the way to a better me

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First day on Weight Watchers

So I decided to join Weight Watchers. The time felt right and now that we are finished having children it's time to look after myself. I have almost a whole person to lose :( I'm very ashamed of this fact. I am starting out at 123.5kg's and I want to get down to 75kg's which is in a healthy weight range for my height.

I'm doing it for these guys:

I want to be around for them and I don't want to be the "fat" mum when they go to school. I guess really they're my inspiration because I'm doing this for me. I'm tired of being this way, I want better things for myself. I'm excited about this journey and will add progress pics, although horrid to begin with, so you and I can see how I am going.

I survived the first day and even had 1 point left over. Go me!


  1. Go you indeed! Good luck xx

  2. I started about 6 1/2 weeks ago and was so glad that I made the decision to start on WW.

    Congratulations on surviving the 1st day!