On the way to a better me

Friday, November 23, 2012

Quick update

So I weighed in today, and I'm now very confident that last week's weigh in was off because of the Wii Fit battery (I really should buy proper scales) but going by the week before that this week I have lost 1.8kg's so yay! Which means I'm sitting at 93.3kgs which is good, I'd like to be at 90 or under by Christmas. Now if the sickness will leave our house for longer than a few moments I'll be able to get into some exercise which will be helpful in getting me there.

We've been good this last week and have not had take away once which is great and has been one of the aims of me being on this journey. Even though I get bonus points I'd prefer to go to a nice restaurant than just get take away, take away food makes me feel much more guilty than a nice meal at a restaurant.

Tomorrow is shopping day, I'll try to take some photos and post again tomorrow so you can see what I have bought, I hope there's good stuff out there for me to buy, will be disappointed if I go out and come home with nothing because it's all crap, wish me luck! :D


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm here, sorry.

Hello lovely folks, sorry it's been a little while. I have been super busy and put blogging on the back burner to focus on that, and of course Christmas is looming and my mind has been on that as well. Have had ups and downs on the weight loss front, my last loss however was quite large, and I'm not sure whether to believe it or not as the Wii Fit batteries were low and so it may have been inaccurate but according to the Wii Fit I lost 3.6kgs last week. I honestly don't see how it's possible, I was sick (again), ate mostly poorly, did no exercise and didn't drink lots of water. So I'm assuming it was an inaccurate reading, I was just lucky or because I was sick (I slept quite a bit), will see what happens this next week.

I mentioned I have been busy, I was asked by a dear friend to bake 100 cupcakes for her son's, girlfriend's 21st birthday, which was the most cupcakes I think I've ever made, which was lots of hard work but so exciting and so much fun. She paid me for them which means I am going clothes shopping, this both excites and terrifies me. I desperately need new clothes, a lot of mine don't fit properly and don't make me feel like I look good. But I also loathe clothes shopping because all the feelings of the extremely overweight girl come flooding back. I really need someone to shop with that knows about clothes and can make me buy the right things and say "get that it looks good even though you don't think it does" or "you idiot that's too big for you, get the next size down". I'm so unsure of what will look good and will fit my new body shape. I'm also reluctant to enter some shops because I worry that the clothes won't fit and I will leave feeling shameful and embarrassed. I'm still not comfortable in my own body, unless I look in the mirror I often still see the old me. But I am lucky because I have changed and there's a lot more out there for me so I'm trying to be more excited. Shopping befor was so soul destroying, there's not much out there for large women on a budget. It's like clothing designers don't give a crap about plus sized ladies and that totally blows. No matter your size you should still be able to find clothes that make you feel good about yourself whether you love your body or not. You shouldn't just be lumped with hideous, outrageous, garish, clingy, polyester garbage that no one actually wants to wear, but have no choice but to wear it because there is nothing else. Someone needs to look at this because it's completely unfair and kind of disrespectful.

So on Saturday I'll be taking my mum and heading for the shops. I feel a little bit guilty spending so much money on myself, but I can't very well go about naked can I? So I just need to DO IT! It will feel nice to have a bit of a treat though and feel good about myself.

Well I'll leave it there and hope to check back in on Friday. I have a dr's appointment on Friday to address my tiredness issues and hope it'st just a matter of low iron and my last blood test showed low Vitamin D too (no wonder with our ridiculously long, cold, dreary winter), so hopefully it's still those matters and I can get on top of those. Wish me luck for shopping, will show you some pics of my purchases.

I'd just like to add a reminder that this is my blog, it's about me and my feelings and thoughts. I write it for me and anyone that is interested in what's going on with me and my weight loss etc :D

Thanks for reading xx