On the way to a better me

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hello Folks,

It's been a while huh? Sorry about that. I have come to the conclusion that I am stuck in a rut and am unsure about what to do about it. I am the Queen of indecisiveness (which I know drives my husband insane), and I do get myself into a pickle with not knowing what to do with myself. I am so not where I want to be and I just don't know how to get myself there. My back still hurts which doesn't help, but I have just been given exercises to start doing which does make me feel a bit better about things, not being able to exercise at all hasn't helped where I am. I decided against doing Weight Watchers again (see indecisive) because I felt too guilty about spending the money on myself (this is what I do) especially seeing as I really do know what to do, I just have to make myself do it. I'm struggling to find my motivation, especially the motivation to walk, walking is soooooooo boring, bring on the warmer weather when I can take the kids out walking and to the playground.

So here I sit, not knowing how much I weigh because I'm too scared to get on the scales to see how much I actually weigh (I don't think I have put on a lot, but I doubt I have lost any) and in a pickle about what to do and how to get my motivation back and how to get my back to stop hurting (I'm pretty sure I just have to keep going to my chiro) and get myself to where I want to be. I'm so frustrated I can't even begin to tell you how much and also disappointed, so very disappointed, if only I could just wave a magic wand *sigh*

So hopefully I will figure all of this stuff out and can get myself to my goal. Am looking forward to warmer weather because warmer weather means salads and I do love a good salad, and don't you dare say " You don't make friends with salad" or else I will come over there and beat you with a big stick.