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Monday, September 5, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

Oh wow, Jane over at http://effiegetskinny.blogspot.com/ gave me my first ever blog award called the Liebster Award.

The idea behind this award is to recognise and share blogs with less than 200 followers. What you have to do is :
  • Post the Award on your blog
  • Choose 5 other blogs to pass on the award
  • Leave each of those (5) blogs a comment 
I've given my awards to people that I love and have been inspired by in one way or another.

  1. http://benpobjie.blogspot.com/ This blog belongs to my husband, who is ridiculously funny and also brave in his battle with depression. He has a quick wit and his writing oozes satire and occasional sarcasm.
  2. http://www.projectseb.com/ This blog belongs to my gorgeous friend Seb. Seb is a beautiful man who sadly is also battling depression. His blog is so incredibly brave and never fails to either make me laugh or make me cry.
  3. http://a-warped-view.blogspot.com/ This is my darling friend Tif's blog. I adore Tif with all my heart, she's like my sister. Tif's blog is varying in post topics from films, to her puppy, to her struggle with depression, to her gorgeous family. A wonderful blog belonging to a wonderful and strong woman.
  4. http://jessisfound.blogspot.com/ This blog belongs to Jess and I found her through the Weight Watchers forum. I've loved following her blog as I've been on the same journey as her. It's awesome to see the triumps and struggles that someone else has had that you can so eaily relate to it's what keeps you going.
  5. http://eatingeveryday.wordpress.com/ The final blog belongs to another gorgeous friend of mine, Keri who is newly married and just returned today from her honeymoon. Keri has of course been posting about her wedding preparations but she's also on a weight loss journey like me and is a bit of a foodie so has lots of yummy recipes to drool over.
If I could return the award to Jane I would because I love reading her blog and am proud of her and her journey, thank you for giving me this award Jane *hugs* you are one super and supportive lady xxx

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  1. Hi Bec, congrats on your award from Jane! Cheers Sammy