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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dusting myself off

So have a good think about things and look at things and listening to what friends have had to say about my situation I know that I have been a bit of an idiot, and dropped my bundle unnecessarily. When things bombard you and end up landing right on top of you it's hard to see a way out and see the good things. So yesterday I took my measurements and they helped to accentuate the positives (which granted I should have done before deciding to be said idiot), so positives being, in the last 3 weeks I lost 4cms off my waist, 1cm off my hips, 1 cm off my arms and 4.5cms off my thighs. So clearly I have to stop weighing in and just go by measurements, which leads into my next news that I'm going to stop doing weight watchers. I'm still going to be signed up so I know it's there to fall back on, but I'm going to just concerntrate on eating healthy only when I'm hungry, drinking my water and exercise. I think the weighing in each week is starting to do my head in, especially now I'm exercising and building muscle, not seeing the weight come off is starting to be damaging and I can't do it anymore. I'll weigh in every now and then just to see how I'm going, but not weekly. Fingers crossed this works and stops me from stupidity and dragging me down into terrible funks, I don't like feeling that way, and I don't want to do it anymore.

So that's where I'm at, let's see how this goes.


  1. When you weigh yourself/do measurements do you do this every day? It might be more beneficial for you to only do it say, on a wednesday morning, and put the scales and tapes away for the rest of the week so you aren't constantly thinking about it!

  2. No I don't measure daily, the last time as I said I measured 3 weeks ago, I probably wouldn't even do it weekly :D

  3. I think you're doing a very smart thing and you remain an inspiration to me. Please be nicer to yourself x

  4. Hi Bec, Just wanted to let you know I’ve passed on the Leibster blog award to you. Pop over to my blog to get some more details.

  5. I've just read your last 2 posts. I only know you through Twitter, but I can see you are an incredibly kind, thoughtful and generous woman. We all feel overwhelmed sometimes & especially as mothers of young children it feels like a one way street - constantly giving, not getting much back. I hope you use your support network to bolster you whenever you need it.
    As for the scales - chuck them out. They're bloody insidious things & you'll know how you feel yourself about your body. It's not just a number on the scales. I wish you all the best.
    Jennifer xx