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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why do I leave it so long?

Hmmmmmmmmm possibly because I have 3 kids under 6?? Yeah I think that's it. I love my kids to death don't get me wrong but they really are time robbers. It's not anything specific really but just little things take up most of the day and then once the day is gone it's time to make dinner, time to bathe them all, do readers and then get them all to bed. Then I spend a little time with my husband (he works nights) and then I sit and relax and watch the things that I like to watch and then it's time for bed. This busy routine of the week days also doesn't always leave me time to track my food, even thought I have an iPhone and the app *rolls eyes* and I really am surprised that I have managed to do as well as I have.

I do use them sometimes as well (that sounds 1000 kinds of wrong), for exercise. I dance around being silly with my girls and chase after then. I show my son karate moves that he hasn't quite got the hang of because he doesn't always pay attention to the sensei but I do. I lift my girls up and carry them and play games where I lift them right above my head over and over, so they do come in handy during their time robbing.

I guess what I'm trying to say with this post is a few things really. First being losing weight is easy if YOU want it. Even though children (and other things) are time robbers it doesn't make it impossible for you to lose weight. Use your kids (again sounds wrong) to help you and motivate you, I want to be around and watch my kids grow up, no food is worth more than that. And even though I leave it a long time between posts sometimes I have no plans to abandon my weight loss journey or my blog, so do keep stopping by. Oh and if you want to comment please do, I love having the support and no comment is "stupid" or "not worth posting".

Oh and of course I have a photo for you, this is my most recent:

Ok so it's weigh in day tomorrow, not sure how I will go, as usual I will expect again, if it is a gain I hope it's not a big one. I always make great plans but then for some reason or another I don't stick to them. I can't really say why, stupidity maybe? Laziness possibly? Time poor so take the quickest way to do things? Whatever the reason I have to make it stop. I know what I have to do to lose weight, I just need to kick myself in the butt and do it. So, this is a new week, fingers crossed I can stick to my aim of eating well, getting some form of exercise (cardio and weights) each day, track all my food and DRINK, DRINK, DRINK lots of water. Wish me luck :)


  1. Bec you look so gorgeous in your latest photo!! What a wonderful, inspiring and amazing person you are. What you just said in your blog about no food being worth more than your kids is so true and something I need to remember. I love that I can act crazy around my kids and they don't judge me (as long as their friends don't see) and they can help with the whole weight loss journey.

    Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow and thank you for your support!!

  2. I'm a procrastinator - I constantly put off until tomorrow what I should be doing today! I just can't commit, I think I used up all my committment points on my marriage - there's none left!
    you're doing really well Bec

  3. Awww thanks Bec :D xx Welcome for the support, that's why we follow each others journey's :D

    Thanks Em :D xx