On the way to a better me

Monday, March 21, 2011

A small loss

Well I had a small loss, only 300g but a loss is a loss. Last week was not a good week, because it was my birthday I stupidly gave myself a licence to eat whatever I liked and not eat good things. Well this week I have revoked that licence and will be trying VERY hard. I will be trying very hard beccause I have now lost 28kgs, so I've only got 2kgs to get to 30kgs which is AWESOME and I would really love to do that by next week's weigh in. The day after is my husband's first book launch and I would love to have made that small goal by then, that would be so fabulous.

So this week I will eat well, drink lots of water and fit in some form of exercise every day. I've shaken off the negativity and back to being positive. I would really, really love to be at my goal weight by my birthday next year, I think that's most realistic. I think things may get harder as I get closer to goal and I don't want to bum myself out. So bring it on.


  1. Like you said a loss is a loss no matter how big or small, well done.

    Can you please revoke my license to eat as well please. I would really like that license disqualified forever.

    Have fun at the book launch - very exciting xx

  2. I'm in it with you! Tomorrow is the start of our weigh day week. I'm only a couple of kg's off 50kg total loss so I have no excuse not to put in a push to get there.

    Can't wait to see you reach your goal!