On the way to a better me

Monday, April 25, 2011


Ok well apparently Easter makes you LOSE YOUR MIND and gain a HUGE amount of weight *sigh* too many yummy things come with Easter, why chocolate eggs?? Why hot cross buns?? Why not grapes? They are egg shaped. And carrots, why not carrots? Argh. So I totally lost the plot and GAINED 1.7kg's. It was also a very stressful week and I emotionally ate as well which didn't help considering we were surrounded by yummy things to eat. Aaaannnnyyyyway, I can't change what has happened, but I can try not to make it happen again. The treadmill is yet to happen but I hope to get one and then if I do slip up I can jump on and hopfully run it off, or at least lessen the damage.

It seems I spoke too soon with my feeling good post, remind me if I do that again that it may turn against me. I hope by next Easter I will be at goal, and I will be COMPLETELY in control of myself, clearly my rails aren't high enough to stop me from going off just yet.

I've had a day off today to spend with my family and hove gone way over my points. But I will TRY, REALLY TRY to be good all the rest of the week and eat properly, get some form of exercise and drink lots of water.

I don't know what's happened, but someone please give me a good kick up the bum.

Wish me luck for this next week :)


  1. I'm about to tackle my lifestyle and weight, bought a second hand treadmill and am motivated to get rid of this weight. It's incredibly selfish of me, but I am really encouraged by your blog and story....please keep up the good work!

  2. Bec - I refuse to give you a kick up the bum because you are human and you done such an amazing job already and I know you will bounce back! Knowing you within 2 weeks that gain and more will be gone and life will be back to normal. So no beating up on yourself it is a difficult time and things will be back to normal soon. Looking forward to your post in a couple of weeks where you tell us you got your 30kg's!! YOU CAN DO IT - GO BEC!!

  3. Hi Bec, I only just started following you on Twitter, and have finally had a look at your blog. Can I just say - OH. MY. GOD. What you have achieved is amazing! Given that all I'd seen until now was your Twitter avatar (which is gorgeous BTW), I cannot believe that some of your earlier photos are actually you. Incredible. You go girl. x

  4. Thank you lovely ladies :D I definitely have NO plans to stop this journey, just need to get back on the rails :D

  5. Hi Bec, Easter is horrible I agree, but I do love the sound of grapes (egg shaped - you cracked me up) and the carrots certainly do make sense - why would a rabbit deliver chocolate when we all know how much rabbits love carrots. I have had chocolate dipped grapes and they were surprisingly delicious!!

    I have actually given myself a break from weight watchers, I found I was putting too much pressure on myself to eat this or not eat that. I found that I just had to relax a little and no be so hard on myself. I am counting calories now for a little while over at fat secret to see if it helps at all. It is exactly like WW but without the points and price tag. It is totally free and has the groups and challenges and everything else.

    How was your weigh-in this week??? Better I hope.

  6. Hi Jane, fair enough to give yourself a break from WW it can be a hard slog can't it? I am just about to write a blog post about this week :D