On the way to a better me

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Feeling great

Hi Everyone :) I'm a comedy festival widow at the moment (my husband is doing a show and has been for the last couple of weeks) so I thought I would take the time tonight to blog. I had a great day today. I decided to make today a ME day, sort of. I spent it with my family but I did a few little things for myself and I am feeling great :D I decided to have a free day today. I had a couple of naughty things to eat, I bought some new bras (I only had 2 and they were getting a bit too big), I had a kahlua and milk and then I had a relaxing bath. OMG the bath was GOOD. I haven't had a bath in years. Our last bath was rather small and with me being rather big it wasn't a good match for a relaxing time. But the bath in this house is lovely and big and I am much smaller and it was fabulous, I will definitely be having more when I need to relax. So today was a great day, and overall I am feeling really good. And with this feeling good it's bringing about changes in me. I am actually starting to feel the urge to exercise. So far my weight loss has been mostly food related and the changes I have made there, and exercise has just happened doing day to day activities and when I have a spare moment. But I am feeling the urge to RUN, yes RUN. So I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to get a treadmill. Even though I have the urge to run, I don't have the urge to run outside very much, because lets face it I still have bits that jiggle that shouldn't jiggle and I'd like to be a bit fitter, trimmer and taughter before I go running about outside where people can see me. So I hope my husband reads this because honey we should go treadmill shopping :D :D Am also pondering about getting some personal training. There's a little gym that's run out of a factory not far from where I live and a sign out the front has personal training sessions for not that much $ per session, so I may look into that further. But this is all good (probably costly in the end) it just further shows how I'm changing. My body has changed but it would seem now my brain is trying to catch up :D And the costly bit will all be worth it in the end :D Weigh in on Monday, not sure about it, I will expect a gain, but I am not going to be bummed about it, because I need a ME day every now and then and eating things that I normally don't even just one day helps me keep on track, I don't feel deprived if I can have some things sometimes, and if I don't feel deprived there's no way I am going to pack it in and go back to where I came from, I've come too far to let that happen. I AM GOING TO GET TO MY GOAL AND STAY THERE!!!!!! :D See you on Monday :D


  1. A bath sounds wonderful, I couldn't tell you last time I had one. I don't even get to shower without an audience these days, the kids just follow me around everywhere - I am sure you know what that's like.

    I recently got a treadmill and I love it. Like you I'm not quite ready to run outside, but I will have to next month as I have my Fun Run. I have been running on an incline of 2 to simulate outdoor running (according to Michelle Bridges) so I hope it will help me.

    I went through Go Fit. Instead of paying one bit lump sum it's a fortnightly payment. I swapped my gym membership for the treadmill.

    Good luck with your weigh-in today. I know you are expecting a gain, but I really hope you get that 30 kg!!!!!

  2. Thanks Jane :) I waited until the kids were in bed before I had my bath. TOTALLY recommend it :) yep I usually have an audience too for shower AND toilet *sigh* yep have seen go fit, hopefully we can do something similar as I really want one. Nup, I had a 600g gain, hopefully next week :D