On the way to a better me

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I am the Queen of indecisiveness

Hello! So I thought I'd better blog again because true to form I have changed my mind about things. I have decided to once again join Weight Watchers. I'm hoping that this will help me find my mojo again and make me feel much happier, I was happier when I was actively losing weight and I want to feel that feeling again. I'm signing up again tomorrow and I am not looking forward to weighing in, but I know I have to. But I'm sick of being stuck in this rut, it's time to get out and hopefully by Christmas time I will be back into the swing of things and looking and feeling FINE. I need to do things for myself again, I'm starting to not like myself again and it's time to change this. I think I will go back to the little rewards as I hit each goal, that helped my motivation and made me feel good.

I know some people think I should be happy with how I am, but I'm not and it's time to change. I hope that once again you'll all support me and help me along on this second half of my journey, fingers crossed this will be all it takes for me to get to my goal and be happy with ME.

So tomorrow we get started, wish me luck :D


  1. Good luck Bec, you can do it!! I have been feeling the same, in a bit of a rut, you are inspiring me too to get back on the horse and be much thinner and happier by Christmas xx
    I know we can do this together xx

  2. Good luck xxx I'm right there with you for the long haul!


    Do you know how clever you are, recognising and sorting out a plan for bringing more happy? That's one of the hardest parts.