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Friday, October 19, 2012

Good news and noxious people

So the good news is I lost 800g, so yay! That takes me down to 94kgs and having lost 31kgs, so that's a big plus. However this brings me to noxious people. A noxious person posted on my previous blog post (I have removed their comments but you can probably gauge the things they said from other comments), this person claims to be my "friend" and all I know about them is that they follow me on Twitter and are unwilling to reveal who they actually are. If they are indeed a friend of mine then they are the reason I wrote that post. Clearly I was right and don't know who my friends are, and now I am suspicious of the people I think are my friends because I don't know who this person is.

I'm not a selfish person, and don't often think of myself, when I wrote that post I was feeling a bit down. I don't feel down very often, and to be honest I keep a lot of things to myself and I think it's sad that when I am feeling down and I say that I am that apparently not all of my friends are there for me. As far as my number of tweets goes, yes I have a lot, I talk to a lot of people. If people tweet me, I respond, I'm not rude and I know how I feel when some of my tweets are left hanging in the breeze so I always try to respond if I have time although sometimes I do forget and they get lost in my feed. I also have indepth conversations with people, particularly if they are feeling down, knowing that someone is there to talk to when you're not in a good place is a good thing. My children aren't neglected, my house is pretty tidy and I tweet inbetween cooking, cleaning, baking, whilst I'm waiting for school pick up and in the evenings when the kids are in bed. My kids are small but they're independant and I am there for whatever they need.

I don't NEED people to respond to my blog posts, but it's nice if they do, this blog is for me and my thoughts and feelings and I really shouldn't have to justify myself to anyone, I'm not doing anything offensive or illegal and I don't need help, I just need friends to be my friends when I need them and when they need me and in the middle have fun and a laugh.

If the noxious person is reading this please remove yourself from my life or let me remove you for myself, you're not someone I need in my life I'm done with noxious people.


  1. Good for you Bec. Schmucks are like getting mugged during an otherwise great day. You think "Well that day sucked!", when in fact the day was awesome but one event was bad. I read your last post and all the other comments were overwhelmingly positive and supportive. Your friends and acquaintances clearly value you. Those who don't can spread their misery elsewhere.

    Lucas (aka @codenix)

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  3. Good on you. Far too often I think we put up with negativity in hope that the people spouting it may turn around one day. For every toxic person, I reckon you'd have 100 others cheering you on. If it takes making others feel bad to give them some self affirmation and purpose, I would feel sorry for them, if I let myself feel anything at all.

    Let the cheering of your fans drown out the arseholes whining and gnashing of teeth. :-)

  4. Hello Bec, I've just recently discovered your blog and you on twitter and its funny how a particular blog or tweet can speak to a person on a particular day. Tis all about timing right? So anyway - yours spoke to me.
    Not long after the birth of my first perfect child, I was diagnosed with PND and anxiety. As I don't match my view of a person with depression or anxiety I decided to ignore it. Until I was pregnant with my second child and not in a 'positive mental space' and I thought - hmmm ignoring it is not working - which is such a pity :-). So now I am on anti-depressants, see a psych and tell everybody I'm on the ol' anti-dees - I'm evangelical (and probably annoying) about 'owning it'. And its been amazing the conversations I've been having with my friends as a result. So many have suffered from anxiety, depression, low self esteem, bad days and don't talk about it because they don't want to bring others down. So I admire your chutzpah in 'owning' your moment and sharing it and giving others the opportunity to share it with you. Let 'Life' pass you by content in the knowledge that they're going to trip over soon enough as walking with your head up your own arse is quite difficult. As Peter Andre once said (though maybe, just maybe,he may have been quoting somebody else) - Harbouring anger or bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. (Or listening to his songs - but that may be another conversation bless. Have a fabulous day.

  5. 31kg!!! You are amazing! Obviously hugely dedicated to your health & setting an amazing example for your kids to encourage them to be healthy too. I've only recently started following you on twitter & reading your blog, but you're a great writer & I'm loving reading your stuff. Keep it up! Whoever this person is, they're an idiot. I know it doesn't help when people say "ignore it", so I won't. Just know that you're doing amazing things and people think you're cool :)

  6. I've had a livejournal for over ten years and the support there is wonderful. But occasionally there's a negative and it really amazes me how much it can get under my skin and make me try and justify myself. It shouldn't - but it does.
    Guilt maybe.

    Anyway - you know in your heart that you do the right thing. You know in your heart that you always try.
    What other people say doesn't really matter.

  7. Well said Bec - you make a huge difference in many peoples lives by caring, don't ever change that due to a single fuckwit who's not worth it. You're a lovely person and your cheery comments have helped me many times xo Michelle (puggle01)