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Monday, October 8, 2012

First few days

Hi All

My first few days are going well, drinking lots of water, not feeling too hungry, eating all my points, haven't used many bonus points, so am doing great. Of course will have to wait and see what weigh in day on Friday brings, I'll do my usual thing of not expecting a loss, I haven't done any concentrated exercise, but I have busied myself in the house.

I'm enjoying looking for new yummy recipes to make and have already planned our meals for the next week (which I usually do anyway), but I'm excited by the new recipes I have found. Have been having big, yummy breakfasts and find that I'm not that hungry by lunch, so I've been having dip, rice crackers and veggie sticks and then having a good family dinner (although tonight I had a KFC popcorn chicken snack box, but it was still in my points, hooray!) This is exactly why I love weight watchers so much, I can still have things like that and it's ok. Of course th stricter you are the easier it is to lose the weight, but it's nice to be a bit relaxed sometimes.

So, I'll be back Friday to let you know how I have or haven't done :D

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  1. Go Bec!! I sense a steady summer transformation taking place! (I will attempt to follow in your noble foot steps!) X