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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good news!

I'm back and I bring good news about my back. After my last visit to the Chiropractor I was basically in the same amount of pain I was when I first walked in there, which is NOT a good thing seeing as I had been lots of times and had to pay $60 for about 5 mins of "treatment". So I decided to go and see a lovely man who is housemates with a friend of mine and is a masseur and OMG BEST DECISION EVER. I am seriously considering becoming a man and marrying him because he made my back SOOOOOOOOO much better and it has been that way for weeks now. The Chiro made it feel better sometimes but it was never as long lasting as this. I am bend down, roll over in bed, put the girls seat belts on etc, all WITHOUT gasping in pain. I still get a little bit of pain, but I'm hoping that will ease with more massages, I've only had one so far which is amazing and I can't wait until I have more. I even got on the treadmill which I haven't been able to do for sooooooooo long. So this has me excited and will hopefully help me to get back on track in the not too distant future.

For now here is the most current picture of me that I took today :D

Hoping to have more good news next time :D


  1. Chiropractic is at best useless in the long term, and at worst incredibly unsafe. Other mummas will tell you that they LOVE theirs and you HAVE to go there; you don't. A quick back crack always feels satisfying, whether or not you have a problem, but it's not fixing anything.

    Osteo's? Well, they're New Age weirdos who might try to stick a candle in your ear, but they're mostly harmless.

    If your masseur can't sort you out, see a physio.

    And if there's sciatica involved? Unfortunately, you'll probably need to speak to an orthopaedic surgeon at some point.

  2. So glad housie made you feel so much better. He thinks you're the sweetest, and I have to agree. xox

    1. He's so fab, love him, glad he's your housie :D Aaaaawwwww you guys <3 love you both, one night I'll have to hang out afterwards :D xxxx