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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting my tools together

Yes, you read correctly. I have actually been doing what I said and been getting my tools together to get cracking on my own. I have bought a heart rate monitor AND I have bought new shoes, these are the main tools I needed to get going and as I go along I will add more tools, ie.heavier weights, workout DVDs, maybe some boxing gear etc. I'm also going to buy an electric steamer and be more strict with weekly meal planning. I've bought myself some snacky things in this shop that I can just graze on if I don't really feel like eating, I find I'm not usually hungry at lunch time, so stuff I can graze on will help with that I think.

My plan with eating is going to be trying to have my heavier type carbs earlier in the day and try to avoid them in my evening meal, I've swapped having potatoes to instead having pumpkin or sweet potato. I think I will also buy myself a swanky looking water bottle too, at the moment I'm just using a disposable one and refilling it.

I've been on a bit of a holiday whilst my husband has been off work, and haven't been exercising or eating that well, but I've tried to compensate here and there, but we've been out lots and been having fun together, which has been the most important thing, if I have put weight on it won't be there for long, back into it hardcore as of next week.

Next Wednesday I'm going to a pump class taught by a lovely, lovely friend of mine, she assures me I won't die, we shall see ;) I think it's time for some photos? It's been a little while.

Original picture size 24, 125kgs
Original picture size 24, 125kgs

Current Pic size 14-16, 90kgs
Current Pic size 14-16, 90kgs

Before Hair

After Hair

Christmas Dress

Really starting to like my face


One more for good measure
Flash new shoes

So that's where I am currently at, I should get my heart rate monitor next week and then look out, I'll be gunning it. This year is MY year, I will get to my goal and I will run a fun run or 2, my first one will probably be the Mother's Day Classic :D LET'S DO THIS!!!

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  1. It's the way one of your girls is peeking in there that made me go AWWWWWW