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Friday, August 5, 2011

Photos, Pondering and Progress

Ok first things first. Weigh in today and I'm down another 900g, which takes me to having lost 32kgs, 93kgs is my current weight and I have 23kgs to go until I get to my goal. I'll be honest and say I'm a little bit disappointed in 900g, I was hoping for more as I've been good this week and have been doing the C25K program as I'm supposed to, but I'm still happy it was a loss.

I had a little cry today thinking about how far I've come, and it really is a long way. And the fact that I am doing the C25K program even though it's really quite hard, especially considering I've gone from no running to being able to currently run 3 minutes, which is good seeing as I am still curring that extra 23kgs. I've still got a way to go, but I'm really proud of myself for continuing on with it even though it would have been so easy sometimes to just give up. I am still VERY determined to get to my goal, I've come far too far to give up now.

The C25K is going well, I just today completed week 3 day 3 of the program (i'll be honest with some difficulty) and it is getting easier. This week wasn't that easy so I think I will repeat this week next week. But I have made progress, I no longer want to vomit and die when I finish, and today I didn't get the shakes afterwards like I normally do when I finished today, so I have definitely made progress. I will get to the end of the program, not giving up now. Am also thinking about getting some more weights, we've got some but I don't think they're heavy enough, need to get rid of the bingo wings I've got happening.

So, time for some photos. We have another wedding to go to so there are some dress pics too, have decided to go with the black and purple dress :D Oh and the last picture is of my old boardshorts with new boardshorts on topm bear in mind when I first got the first pair the buttons used to pop open, I can fit into one leg of those boardshorts now ;)


  1. You are one inspiring woman. I believe I am putting on weight at the same speed you are losing it. I am in denial. It really is time I get serious. Good on you, you look amazing!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog, very inspiring! How long has it taken you to lose the 32kg so far?

    I am on a weight loss journey myself. Although I only (!) plan on losing 13-15kg, I am finding it a real struggle, very slow going . 900gm in a week is fantastic (it takes me about 3 weeks to lose 900gm at the moment!)

  3. Hi Juniper, thanks for reading :) I've been on my journey for 14 months now. It's a hard slog but soooooooo worth it. How are you going about losing your weight? I'm on weight watchers, love it. Good luck with your journey, if I can lose more than 30kgs you can definitely lose 13-15 :D

  4. Love that black and purple dress and as always you look fantastic in it.

  5. I have done WW in the past, and loved it, but I am putting my financial resources into having a Personal Trainer 2 x per week this time around. I am now using MyFitnessPal (on my iPhone) to track calorie intake and expenditure.

    I think it is great that even after 14mths, you can still be losing 900gm a week. I find I am only losing on average 300gm per week, but I am trying to remind myself that any loss is better than a gain lol!