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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finding it hard.....

Hard to stay motivated with my eating. For some reason this week seems to have gone to hell, and I'm not really sure why, perhaps the monotony of it all? Exercise isn't a problem, I'm totally motivated with that, but my eating, nope. Not that I'm going and eating a whole bunch of rubbish (well only a little bit) but I'm not binging or anything but I'm just not caring. I don't think I've been eating enough with all my exercise as I haven't been putting it into my tracker and therefore have been having extra points and not using them, possibly that's why my weightloss has slowed down? Which sounds weird I know but you do need to eat enough of the right things TO lose weight.

Anyway, I'm going to assume this week will be a write off, I will definitely be expecting a gain unless I find my motivation somewhere by tomorrow. I'll keep up with my exercise, probably even step it up a bit, but don't be surprised if I am reporting a gain on Friday, I know I won't be.

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  1. It's fairly common a month into an exercise regime to have a total change in appetite, and then about a week later to be craving a completely different diet. It's your body adjusting to the fact that it's being used in a very different way.

    I found the month after I started doing three-weekly workouts that I lost my appetite except for salty food for about six days, then went to a fairly healthy diet of high-protein food and vegies. If your normal appetite doesn't kick back in, you might have to force it, gorgeous.

    By the way, I forgot to tell you how utterly lovely you looked at the wedding. I LOVE that hair.