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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A gain *sigh*

Only 300g, but it's still annoying. I've been keeping up with my C25K, which is running for 3 minutes as well as 5 minutes and I have also been doing situps, pushups and squats (only once though, will talk about that in a minute), but I'm assuming I have put on muscle and that's accounting for the gain, but still grrrrrrrrrrr. It's much nicer to see the scales going down, but I think I will go to taking measurments more regularly now because in a week I lost cms so that is encouraging. But I also must remind myself that I am also getting fitter which is also a plus of doing all my exercise.

Back to the situps, pushups and squats, OMG they are HARD. I'm still in pain from doing them, paticularly the squats, clearly I've not used these muscles nearly enough before now. I've not done them again since because I have been sooooooooooooo sore, but I will, I think I will slot them in between the days I do the C25K which means I'll be doing some form of exercise every day with Sunday being my rest day.

So that's where this week has taken me, lets see what this next week brings, I've been a bit indulgent this weekend I will admit, so I'll be working VERY hard this week to hopefully not see a gain, eating extremely healthily and maybe even saving a few points here and there because I think I will have used more than my bonus points, oops!

See you next week, I'm sure i'll be late with my post AGAIN, because we have a wedding on Friday :D :D


  1. you're getting married? does Ben know?

  2. HA! He's going to be there too :D

  3. I would definitely say it could be muscle. Try not to stress too much. I am desperately hoping that my small weight losses are because I am gaining muscle lol!

    And you are right, squats are very hard, I can tell you from experience they get easier the more you do them. If you do them every day, then you will probably find you will have less pain, but if you skip days, the muscles tend to stay sore (well, that is my experience).