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Saturday, August 20, 2011


A loss, hooray! 600g only, but maybe I'm done with the big numbers now, which is a shame because I'd love another big loss to get me down into the 80s, I'm yet to crack the 80s and I'd really LOVE to, that's my next mini goal. So my 600g loss takes me to a total of 32.3kgs lost and my weight is sitting at 92.7.

Am up to week 5, well completed sort of, week 5 of C25K. And OMG sooooooooooo hard. I didn't want to vomit and die which was good but I did step on the sides a few times to talk myself out and then in of finishing. So because of that I will repeat week 5 and be sure to finish it properly. Still doing situps, pushups and squats. They're getting easier and I'm no longer getting sore afterwards thank goodness, because I was in SO much pain.

Onto photos, I got new hair and we went to the wedding I mentioned in my previous post :D

So there we have it folks, lets see what this next week brings :D

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