On the way to a better me

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh well

Well it was to be expected that I would have a gain this week, 1.1kgs. It was a terrible, terrible week, utterly exhausted because of children waking in the night and sick children and husband being in a bad way. Am trying to make 1 day a week the only day I have a treat and eat something I really shouldn't, using some of my WW bonus points on it and the rest of the week eat really well. Seeing as Monday is weigh in day that will be my naughty day so then I have the rest of the week to be good.

So we shall see how we go this week :D Hoping this week will be much brighter than the last, not going well with the sleep so far, every kid in my bed last night *rolls eyes*, hopefully that will get better too, sleep deprivation and weight loss don't go well I find.


  1. Don't worry about the gain, this happens to us all and I love your idea about having a naughty day on weigh-in day and having the rest of the week to work it off and be good - I may join you there.

    I loved your other post and how honest you were about your past. I just really hope that you are able to let go and move on now that you have spoken about it and been honest with yourself.

    Just always know that you are never alone and that someone always knows how you are feeling. Also know that NONE of it was ever your fault and that you never deserved any of it.

    I know that it's hard living with an alcoholic (my mum is) and they are always looking for someone to blame for their behaviour(s). It only took me 34 years to realise that I wasn't to blame and that none of it was my fault.

    Here's to a great cheat day and a fabulous weigh-in next week.

  2. Hi Bec,

    I follow you & your husband on Twitter, but have never spoken to either of you. Feels weird to be a total lurker, just wanted to say hello. And also that I think you are a pretty great, strong, clever woman. Quite inspiring, in fact. That is all.