On the way to a better me

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hello Folks,

It's been a while huh? Sorry about that. I have come to the conclusion that I am stuck in a rut and am unsure about what to do about it. I am the Queen of indecisiveness (which I know drives my husband insane), and I do get myself into a pickle with not knowing what to do with myself. I am so not where I want to be and I just don't know how to get myself there. My back still hurts which doesn't help, but I have just been given exercises to start doing which does make me feel a bit better about things, not being able to exercise at all hasn't helped where I am. I decided against doing Weight Watchers again (see indecisive) because I felt too guilty about spending the money on myself (this is what I do) especially seeing as I really do know what to do, I just have to make myself do it. I'm struggling to find my motivation, especially the motivation to walk, walking is soooooooo boring, bring on the warmer weather when I can take the kids out walking and to the playground.

So here I sit, not knowing how much I weigh because I'm too scared to get on the scales to see how much I actually weigh (I don't think I have put on a lot, but I doubt I have lost any) and in a pickle about what to do and how to get my motivation back and how to get my back to stop hurting (I'm pretty sure I just have to keep going to my chiro) and get myself to where I want to be. I'm so frustrated I can't even begin to tell you how much and also disappointed, so very disappointed, if only I could just wave a magic wand *sigh*

So hopefully I will figure all of this stuff out and can get myself to my goal. Am looking forward to warmer weather because warmer weather means salads and I do love a good salad, and don't you dare say " You don't make friends with salad" or else I will come over there and beat you with a big stick.


  1. Well, I think you're awesome and very inspiring, Bec. I joined Weight Watchers a week and a bit ago and I'm already 3 kilos down, and I joined mainly because I knew you'd had success with it.

    It must be really frustrating when you can't exercise because you're in pain, particularly when you're trying to get somewhere. Do you think you'd be able to swim? Some YMCA's have childminding facilities as well? Just an idea.

  2. I totally recommend you check out the 12wbt! The team approach helps enormously and the forums are highly active and supportive. Remember Weight loss is about 80% food (vs exercise) ..even if you do nothing physically, but get the clean eating, you'll see results. Totally recommend it. Next round starts Monday, so you've got a few days to sign up. Good luck!

  3. Hi sweetie. I totally understand your struggle with your back as I suffer too but I started pilates 2 weeks ago & although I have not noticed huge results yet I can feel it is so strengthening & different 2 other physical exercising. I know walking is boring but cos I have the dogs they make it enjoyable for me cos they love it so much. Do u have a dog? Yes Summer is much better for salads too so it's not long to go. I hope you get your mojo back soon honey xx

  4. I was just looking at your profile pic on Twitter. It's a very beautiful photo. You have lovely skin.

  5. It happens to ALL of us and it WILL come off! Plus, spring is here to accelerate the process! For your back, see an osteo. They're usually handsome, (get a man), they give great massages and also fix your back quick snaps! Enjoy, you blossoming spring flower!

  6. Have you had a look at the My Fitness Pal app? Their website is pretty good too. It's basically weight watchers online for free.