On the way to a better me

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Time for some photos

Hi All

You want to see photos right? Because I'm going to put some, so I hope you do.

Before hair
After hair
Comparison June 2010/March 2012

New Clothes
Wearing the beanie

Ok, so there you have them, and I'm glad to see that seeing as I haven't been working as hard as I was going to that I haven't stacked on the weight, only a little bit, but still I know I have to work harder. I have come to realise now that I have started this journey, this will just be a way of life, sometimes I'll work harder at all of this sometimes I won't. Sometimes I'll gain weight, sometimes I'll lost it, sometimes I'll stay the same. It's just my way of life now, sometimes it's easier, sometimes it's not, but that's just life in a nut shell isn't it?


  1. I am coming to the same conclusion, good for you Bec! You have done amazing work so far, life is too short to beat yourself up all the time, still need to live a little! You are an amazing person, mummy and baker!! Never ever forget that! xxx