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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Such a bad blogger

*Peeks head in* Hi Folks, I know, I know, I was going to try and blog more, but I seem to have blogged LESS :( Sorry about that. Sometimes life just gets in the way. And I'll be honest with you, the person that commented saying that my blog appeared to be a pro anorexic blog really hit me for a six. There's no way I am pro anorexic, my blog is simply about me and my journey and I have no plans to be anorexic and nor would I recommend being anorexic to anyone. I'm also not telling anyone that they need to or have to lose weight, if you want or need to then that's your decision and up to you. If my journey can help you and inspire you then that's awesome but weight loss is such a personal journey and a decision one must make for themselves, if your head isn't in the game and you're not in the right place then there's no point in beginning the journey. I reached that point and decided enough was enough.

Aaaaannnnnyway. Moving, things have been super busy with lots of birthday's in February and I'll admit I have gained back a few kgs which I have hopefully started losing since the beginning of March. I've been eating pretty well and now that I'm well (at the end of all the birthdays I got sick from being so busy) I have been exercising. I was going to begin the C25K again, but I was scared of failure, getting busy or getting sick and not being able to finish AGAIN. So I made up my mind to do it on my own steam (yes, this is becoming a habit) and I'm currently running 1km and trying to beat my time each time, and so far I have improved. I started running it at 9 mins, got it down to 8 mins 40 secs and just today beat that again and did it in 8 mins 25 secs. My aim is to build up 1km at a time eventually getting to 5km. I've also been doing situps, tricep dips and a few push ups. Still need to get heavier weights, but am also considering kettle bells. I've also ordered a work out DVD and am looking forward to getting that. I've also tried to mix things up a bit and sometimes pull out the Wii Fit and do some cardio workouts on that.

I've been watching what I've been eating as I said, but if I've had something a little bit naughty I have tried to balance it out. However yesterday we went out and I just let go, it was nice to not think about it for a day. I'll also do that on my birthday on the weekend and then I'll be back into it. I'd prefer to do that on the odd occasion and try to eat mostly healthy all the rest of the time.

So that's where I am currently at, I've set my bar really high of being at goal by Christmas, I don't think it will take me that long, but just in case it can't hurt to have it that far away :D

Will TRY not to be so naughty with my blogging, note I said TRY ;)


  1. Just doing some blog browsing on a Saturday night (because my life is so fucking glamorous) and I scrolled down and saw your before and after pics. WOW Bec. That's amazing. I hope you're super proud of the way you've transformed yourself. YOU GO GIRL xxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Bec - Sorry it has been such a long time. I didn't see the comment that someone wrote, if I had I would have jumped to your defense. That person is obviously one of those internet trolls just trying to get a rise out you as I have never thought of your blog as anything other than inspiring. So don't let them, we know the truth, you know the truth, just re-focus and forget about them. I am currently the 2nd day, week 5 of C25K and doing my best to run on a day without rain. I am much heavier but still enjoying the running, just got to get the eating sorted. Anyway keep going, don't listen to mean people and aim for that Christmas goal Bec x (previously bexsadventure)

  3. Glad to see you back blogging, I was really worried that idiot who wrote the pro-ana comment had scared you off, but I am so glad that isn't the case. Like Bec said, your blog is nothing but inspiring. I love reading your weight loss plans cause I always get ideas for myself. I love your 1 km plan at the moment how you are trying to beat your previous time and then slowly build up to the 5kms - it's fantastic and has given me an idea for myself.

    So glad to see you back blogging and sharing your awesome journey with us xx

  4. Thank you all lovely ladies :D

    Jane I currently try and up the speed on the treadmill so I finish it faster, I think I will next slow my speed and try and run further :D