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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nervous and excited

Am coming to the end of my weight watchers phase of my weight loss. Which I'm excited and nervous about. Weight watchers got me to this point which is completely awesome but I feel the need for something new, something to be excited about and different to get me to goal. And don't get me wrong, weight watchers totally works and would have gotten me to goal but I've lost the passion and drive a little bit, I would have kept chugging along but I need that giant kick up the bum, no more chugging, time to gear things up a bit.

But I am nervous about doing the 12WBT, weight watchers was easy, really easy in fact, so I'm nervous that this is going to be hard and I'm going to fail. But I'm going to give it a good hard crack and am arming myself with the tools that will help me to be successful. I'm going to buy Michelle Bridges DVDs, her calorie counter, I'll get some new runners, I'm on the look out for a decent priced heart rate monitor so I can see how many calories I'm burning when I work out and I'll get some heavier weights too. So I intend to do this properly and I'm serious, I hope that's enough to get the motor running and get to goal.

I've been making goals for 2012, and of course my main one is to get to my weight loss goal. I also want to get fit and toned. I want to do a fun run and RUN the whole thing. I also want to see more live shows (comedy, musicals, roller derby). I want to go to Sydney and do the bridge climb. I'm sure I'll find more along the way, but for now, those are my 2012 goals. Have you made any?

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  1. I know your nervous, but I know you can do it and you will do the best job you can. Just look how far you've come! If anyone can make a go of the 12WBT it's you.

    I paid about $120 for my heart rate monitor. A lot of people recommend Polar so I went with that brand and have been really happy with it. I would love to get the body bugg that you wear around your arm, but they are around the $300 mark and out of my price range.

    Happy shopping :)