On the way to a better me

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I lost 500g this week, wooooooooooo. I exercised yesterday and boy am I feeling it today, but this is a kind of pain that I like because it means I worked hard and did my body good. And I took a big step today and put in the application to cancel my weight watchers account getting ready to start 12WBT next month. I'm excited and nervous at this next step, I hope I can do it and I'm hoping it will kick my butt to goal quicker and help get some toning going.

I haven't gone back to C25K yet, well not consistently. I'm not sure I want to, I think I'm looking for more than just running right now. I think that's what I'm looking forward to mostly doing 12WBT, it has exercise not just food which is where weight watchers lets you down. I've still been jumping on the treadmill but not running lots like I was, just a couple of minutes here and there. Which reminds me I really need new runners, maybe I'll get some before 12WBT starts :D

Bring on the start of the round, I'm ready!


  1. Hi Bec, you are looking great in before after photos. I've still got to lose 8 kilos and at this stage I don't think it will miraculously fall off before Xmas.

    Cheers and keep up the great work.
    Coralie or @cornaum twitter.

  2. Great loss Bec, well done. I am excited for you for this new chapter. I think you should definitely gets those new runners cause from what I've heard, Michelle is going to kick your little booty into gear.

    I can't wait for you to being so I can see the results. I know you will do a fantastic job following the program - so exciting. Sometimes if I feel like slacking a little I always try and remember what an old instructor said - "it's your workout, you choose how hard you want it to be, you get the results you work for."

    I know you can do this - Goooooooo Bec!!

  3. Ho Coralie, thank you :D I'm not going to make it to my goal of 80kgs by Christmas, but never mind, i'll get there eventually and that's the most important thing. You'll lose your 8kgs :D

    Thanks Jane, I'm both excited and nervous, about to blog about it actually :D :D

  4. Thanks Bec, I will stop wanting everything tomorrow and start thinking about the long term.