On the way to a better me

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Measurements and some work to do.

So I did my measurements today, some great results but some show that I've got some work to do I think. I've lost 20cms off both my waist and my hips, 19.5cms off my bust, 3cms off my arms, 5cms off my thighs and in total I have lost 6 dress sizes. But my arms and my legs are saying I've got some work to do. So it looks like I'll be gunning it on the treadmill and doing lots of weights and Wii Fit work outs :D But I say bring it on!


  1. Well done Bec,

    Love the photos, you look a-ma-ZING!! You must be feeling soooooo good too.

    Your measurements are fantastic as well, 20 cms gone from your waist and hips is awesome and 6 dress sizes!!!!!!!

    Have you kept any of your 'fat' clothes? I have been getting rid of mine knowing that if I put weight on I will have absolutely nothing to wear. I could wear my pj's at home, but going out in the nude just isn't my thing :)

  2. Hi Bec, just wondering how everything on your end was going? xx

  3. Thanks Jane :D Nope, no fat clothes, I get rid of them as I go along, not going back there again so don't need them anymore :D No, I'm not into going out in the nude either :D

  4. Hey Bec.

    I've found that I've lost HEAPS off the top of my legs and around my decolletage area, and it's only NOW coming off my waist and arms. You lose weight in different areas at different times. It's pretty normal, sweets.