On the way to a better me

Friday, June 10, 2011


Well it seems changing my weigh in day to Friday was a good idea (so far anyway) I lost 1.1kgs which takes me back to having lost 30kgs (30.5kgs to be exact) and having my naughty day be on Friday or Saturday. I'm glad I finally worked it out, took me a while huh? Oh and I forgot my 1 year anniversary. I have now been doing WW for a year hooray! Here's to another year and hopefully the reaching of my goal :D That seems like a long time, but slow and steady wins the race, I think it's realistic and definitely achievable.

Also, we are getting a treadmill!! Wooooooooooot. Have found a good looking new one on ebay, so will be getting that soon. Can't wait! I think I'm going to start by doing the C25K and work my way up. So excited, I still have to urge to run, I hope it stays. I want to use the treadmill together with my Wii Fit (yes I will be using it not just for weigh ins) so I can be a lean, mean, non fighting machine.

My husband gave me a Target gift card a couple of weeks ago so on Sunday I will be shopping and hopfully buying myself some new clothes :)


  1. Congratulations Bec, over 30 kilos gone, well done. You must be really excited to get your treadmill, I love mine and I find it really helpful when I have the urge to eat for no reason - boredom, peeved or something silly, I just jump on and walk or run for however long I feel like it, just till I am feeling better and the urge to eat is gone. I do find that I have to wear my gym clothes all day, but considering I don't really go anywhere it doesn't really bother me.

    Have fun at Target shopping - they have some really nice stuff at the moment. I was drooling over some outfits the other day and dreaming about the day that I can fit into them - you are awesome, congrats. again Bec xx

  2. WOW!! just stumbled across yr blog from twitter.. yr are such an inspiration.. can you motivate me??