On the way to a better me

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New photos

Right, time again for new photos, it's been a little while and I have new hair yet again, gotta love new hair. Getting my hair done, doing it nicely myself and putting make up on always makes me feel so much better about myself, does it do that for you too? Have of course put first photo as comparison, so that photo I was 125kgs, new photo I am 98.7kgs, total loss of 26.3kgs. The jeans I am wearing are size 18 and they are too big as one of the photos will show, the pants in the original pic are size 24.


  1. Amazing work babe, and gorgeous photos. Can you believe the old pics are really you?

  2. Thanks hun. Sometimes it feels like it's not me, that it can't be me.

  3. Hi Bec,
    I'm just a person in Sydney who discovered your blog today via @BenPobjie, who I have followed since I discovered his acerbic writing on The Drum.
    Haven't ever written a comment on a complete stranger's blog before, but I had a little read and just couldn't help it. I guess I just felt compelled to say WELL DONE! What you're achieving for your children is no doubting impressing everyone you know.

    Happy International Women's Day.

  4. Hi Anonymous (I wish I knew your name :) ) thank you so much for posting, I really appreciate your comment :D my kids are my life and I couldn't bare to not be around to look after them. Again thank you :D

  5. bec, you look so happy! Have you found it easy to keep up with the exercise and healthier eating?

  6. Thanks Leah :) I've mainly focussed on my eating, exercise happens when I can, mainly just day to day tasks and walking my son to school when I've got the time :D