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Monday, November 15, 2010

Another post on the same day, don't you feel lucky??

Ok so I was just getting the kids some apples to munch on and boy fruit goes quick in our house, I even sacrifice my fruit to make sure they have fruit. But that made me think about how much they cost and money etc. Healthy eating isn't cheap people and I'm sorry but that is SO wrong. Bad food should be expensive, honestly everyone is saying we have an obesity problem well that's something that could be done about that. I got to thinking about how we eat now verses how my husband and I used to eat when we were just poor students, OMG completely different and goes to show why I was so large. Can you believe that it's cheaper to buy a packet of frozen pies and a packet of frozen chips verses buying fresh meat and vegetables. Hell we even would buy and eat pasta and sauces as a MEAL back then just to save some money. I'm glad that we didn't have kids back then and that we are now in the position that we can feed them good food. Sure they eat not so good food sometimes but my kids eat wholegrains, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables every day. But it makes me think about families that don't have it as good as we do and how they might eat how we used to and that's terribly sad and I wish someone would do something about it. Fresh food shouldn't be out of reach for anyone.

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