On the way to a better me

Friday, December 3, 2010


Yes you read right I've been shopping, not grocery, well I have, but CLOTHES. We're going away for Christmas to Sydney and also 2 days in QLD, and I really didn't want to go naked, and I'm sure no one else would have either. So away I went to find some new things and I did. And it's obvious that my mind set has changed, I no longer look for black things, I'm injecting colour into my wardrobe which I never used to, I would mostly buy black things, if I ever did buy anything, which I didn't because it made me feel bad. I also bought 2, that's right 2 dresses. I think I feel a lust coming on, a lust for clothes shopping for MYSELF. I never minded buying things for my husband or the kids but always loathed it for myself. But that's changing, I'll have to control myself of course because everything won't fit me forever, but I am actually starting to like it and have doing it, not having to do it and hate it and have it feel like a chore. So because I have been shopping I have some new pictures, will post original photo for comparison, I'm starting to have a love hate relationship with that photo, rather than just hate it. Because it shows me just how far I have come and that's an awesome feeling :D

Before that though, I just want to say how much I have enjoyed shaking things up a bit, and now that I have and I am using most of my points in my main meals, it's amazing, I must have just spent my whole day just eating. I still feel like I'm eating a lot because I feel full and stuff but not eating all the time, it's nice. I have big full breakfasts, lunches and dinner, I usually have my quota of fruit and veg, dairy etc and it's been really good. Hopefully on Monday the scales will be nicer to me than they have been, if not as long as it's a loss I guess it will be ok. I really want to get to my Christmas goal though, will have to try even harder next week if the changes I have made don't do anything.
Ok so here are the new photos:


  1. My God woman you look amazing!!! You look like a totally different person, it's unbelievable - well done I am super proud of you!!