On the way to a better me

Friday, October 1, 2010


Am starting to notice changes in my body. Like if I move my shoulders inwards I can see my collar bones *gasp* I have collar bones. You see them on skinny people right? So maybe I'm on my way to being a skinny person?? I've always wanted to be a skinny person, I used to be skinnier but not sure I would ever say I was skinny, except of course when I was a small child. So maybe, just maybe that skinny person inside me will get out one day in the not too distant future? I find I am having vain moments too where I feel the NEED to look at myself in the mirror, I used to always avoid it, avoid it like the plague but that's changing too I notice. I still have a ways to go I know that, but it's good to be seeing the changes even though I still have many more changes to come.

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