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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another week

Well here we are into another week. I lost 100g last week, bit disappointing but I know it's because I didn't drink enough water. Water is definitely a big key in this weight loss caper and I am terrible at drinking enough at the best of times, doesn't help that it is so very cold here in Melbourne. I think the winter blues are well and truly upon me, sooooooo over winter, I'm craving the warm weather, I wanna get out there and get moving, not crave "winter" foods. I want the freshness of summer, thank goodness it's only a few weeks until Spring, I'm hoping it will be a lovely warm one. Will be joining the gym this week so hopefully that will help beat the winter blues, I really need some toning too, things are definitely on the sag so will be good to tighten some things up a bit.

Lets see what this week brings. The aim is to drink more water, I don't need to make sure I stay in my points, I always do, and try to get some exercise in.

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