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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Yes, here I am again, I thought it about time I wrote on here again but I'm sad to say that I have lost my way a little bit :-( I know I've put weight on, much more than I would like I am guessing, I am too scared to go anywhere near some scales. I'm so disappointed in myself and I'm starting to hate myself again and this is not good. It's so easy to lose your way and I hate this fact. So here we are in 2014 and this is going to be my year, well I'm going to try really, really hard anyway. I'm on a mission to make this a great year for me and my family and I've put the wheels into motion to overhaul our lives for the good. I'm overhauling everyone's eating, the kids will have healthy and yummy lunchboxes and I will be eating less and healthier and moving more and drinking more water. I refuse to cut out everything completely because I still believe in "everything in moderation", life is meant to be lived and you cannot truly live if you worry about eating a piece of cake or having the sneaky take away meal for dinner. I know that I don't want us to live like this, this is my opinion and what you do or think is yours, I have no judgement on what you do.

I'm have also decided that I will be good to myself and look after myself and every so often I am going to take time out for myself and do things that I would like to do, I have been a full time stay at home mum for 8 years now and I think I deserve to do things like this. I am also going to beautify our home which will also make me feel better as we deserve to have nice things and enjoy our home. I think I have had a big epiphany and I'm going to work damn hard to make it all happen.

I have not given up my goal on getting myself to a weight where I feel happy about myself, remember this is my journey and how I feel about me and I am passing no judgement on anyone else but myself. I'm hoping to get there by the beginning of next year but I am setting no firm goals because I have totally let myself down on many occasion. With all my kids at school this year I will have plenty of more time to look after myself, make sure I eat properly and have the time to exercise without an audience and being asked to pour milk or break up a fight whilst I'm in the middle of my workout.

So come at me 2014, I am READY!!!!!

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