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Friday, November 23, 2012

Quick update

So I weighed in today, and I'm now very confident that last week's weigh in was off because of the Wii Fit battery (I really should buy proper scales) but going by the week before that this week I have lost 1.8kg's so yay! Which means I'm sitting at 93.3kgs which is good, I'd like to be at 90 or under by Christmas. Now if the sickness will leave our house for longer than a few moments I'll be able to get into some exercise which will be helpful in getting me there.

We've been good this last week and have not had take away once which is great and has been one of the aims of me being on this journey. Even though I get bonus points I'd prefer to go to a nice restaurant than just get take away, take away food makes me feel much more guilty than a nice meal at a restaurant.

Tomorrow is shopping day, I'll try to take some photos and post again tomorrow so you can see what I have bought, I hope there's good stuff out there for me to buy, will be disappointed if I go out and come home with nothing because it's all crap, wish me luck! :D


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  1. The shopping sounds great Bec. I'm sure you'll find something nice! Would love to see what you come back with.. :)