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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Summer is on the way out

Well summer is almost over and hopefully we are to the end of the really hot humid weather. Whilst I have enjoyed the warmer weather for a change it will be nice to have cooler non humid weather. With the cooler weather will have to come new clothes, I virtually have nothing that I can wear in cooler weather. The things that I am wearing now are too big, even the summer things are too big but I'm hoping they will hold out until the end of the season. So I think I will be looking at size 14 tops and 16 bottoms, maybe? This excites me, I haven't been this size in goodness knows how long, this is so awesome, feels great.

I had a check up at my dr's recently and I totally forgot to update you on this. For 1, she is VERY happy with my weight loss, I haven't seen her recently and she barely recognised me. Also I had blood tests and I am pretty healthy, no cancer, iron was a little low, low on b12 and vitamin d, but the no cancer thing was the best, getting cancer is a huge fear of mine. But 2, the BEST thing is that I am able, after almost 6 years, to come off my blood pressure medicine. It was even lower at my second appointment :D :D This has me SO happy as I was worried that I would have to be on them forever, so yay.

Tomorrow is weigh in, I'm hoping for a loss but as usual I will expect a gain so that there's no surprises, well no bad ones anyway. Wish me luck :D


  1. You don't need luck you are a champion. Look at what you have achieved - no more PB tablets, not being recognised and ALL of your clothes are too big. You have done an amazing job on your weight loss and as we know it's not always easy you are doing it.

    Congrats on your loss so far and good luck with your weigh-in!

    I am sooooo glad winter is coming - love it.

    Have a good week xx

  2. Thanks Effie :) how are you going?